Looking for a place to stay in the north-east ruhr area? – Well, this is it!!

We offer a nice place to stay on easy conditions in Luenen, located at the gateway between Ruhr and ‘Muensterland’

You find Luenen (almost 90.000 Inhabitants) at the north-east edge of Dortmund right at the border to the ‘Muensterland’.
The region gives you both, a country like character (directed to the ‘Muensterland’) that invites you to relax or make exhibitions by bike for example, and the gate to the ‘Ruhr-Area’ (directed to Dortmund), where you find several cultural events besides industrial monuments which keep the history of the former ‘colepot’-times still alive.

Our house is right in the south of the city of Luenen (about 1,5 km/ 1 mile to the city center – about 13 km/ 8 miles to downtown Dortmund) maybe 200 m/ 400 yards away from a canal. You may walk or take the bike along this. In a couple minutes by foot you reach a former cole harbour which was just reconstructed for private shipping in 2006. An old crane keeps the industrial history alive. Very close to this there is a lake to swim and also a castle called ‘Schwansbell’.

You may use our house as a base for several exhibitions to the region around, either by bike, by car or even with public transportation.

Have a nice time in:

Europe – Germany – NRW – Ruhrgebiet – Luenen – Bluecherstr. 21a

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